Codes of Conduct Policies

- Observing dress codes suitable for an academic setting (for women proper dress and

   no makeup, and for men observing dress codes, no tattoos or tattered jeans, etc)


- Avoiding wearing unnecessary accessories and make up and not bringing along

   unnecessary objects.

- Being mostly in-time or on time and trying not to be late

- Switching off cell-phone during class time and exams

- Avoiding bringing/inviting guests and friends to classes

- No smoking on school premises

- Taking care of personal belongings anytime, anywhere.

- Avoiding taking food stuff to classes

- No party or celebration ceremony inside classes or on the yard

- No parking in front of neighbors’ houses


- Having more than 3 absences leads to not being allowed to take part in mid-term and

  final exams and hence repeating the term.


- Every delay more than 30 minutes equals an absence.


- Requests for leaving the class earlier or attending the class later causes disturbance

  and discipline problems. Hence, every 3 sessions of late arrival or leaving the class

  early equals one absence.


- The institute has the right not to register trouble-makers or those who violate the

   school codes.


- Those students who frequently violate the rules and codes of conduct will be

   expelled permanently.


Rule Violations leading to expulsion:

- Not obeying the institute rules and codes of conduct

- Not wearing proper clothes

- Not respecting the teachers and the staff