Bahar Language Institute was granted the work license by the Education Organization (affiliated to Education Ministry) in Feb 2002 and after many years of offering outstanding services

has achieved the following set targets:

  1. Preparing and offering the best education premises and vibrant atmosphere at some posh locations in Shiraz (City of poets and culture)
  2. Obtaining Cambridge syndicate of examinations affiliation (IR091)
  3. Holding Cambridge ESOL mock exams (YLE, KET, PET, FCE) each academic term
  4. Having three internationally trained and certified ESOL examiners
  5. Achieving the highest rank among Fars language institutes regarding having expert,
    outstanding and highly educated teachers by the Education Organization
  6. Preparing and publishing the best teaching and supplementary materials including
    flash cards, guide books, textbooks, etc
  7. Supporting and backing up newly-founded language institutes across Iran
  8. Holding foreign languages classes customized to the needs of different organizations,
    universities, colleges and firms


Bahar Language Institute branches in Shiraz for language learners under 20 years of age:

  1. #296 Ghasrodasht St., Shiraz, Iran (Girls’ Department No.1)   Phone No: 071-36272373
  1. #283, , Hafttannan Blvd.,Shiraz, Iran. (Girls’ Department No.2)     Phone No: 071-32261722 / 32284271 
  1. Alley 7, Shahed Blvd., Shiraz ,Iran. (Boys’ Department)

    Bahar & Saba Pars Art & Culture Institute Obtaining work license from Fars Province Bureau of Islamic Culture & Guidance it started its active service in winter 2008 holding foreign languages classes for language learners above 20 years of age. This institute has accomplished the following set goals after its inauguration:

    1. Holding English classes in three programs of non-intensive, intensive and super-intensive
    2. Holding French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and other languages classes.
    3. Obtaining the permit to hold IELTS (General & Academic) exams in shiraz (Previously from British Council)
    4. Holding International Mock Exams for IELTS & iBT
    5. Running exclusive classes for IELTS & TOEFL Preparation
    6. Preparing & publishing books, curricula and supplementary materials

     Institute Address for the age 18+ :#298, Ghasrodash St. , Saba Building , Shiraz , IranPhone: 071-36263031