Registration Rules & Regulations

  • Prospective language learners may enroll in person or online during the designated time span offered and submit the documents necessary completely
  • Registration is assumed complete when language learners pay the due fee allocated and signed the registration form.
  • If the minimum number of students required for each class (10Ss) is not met, a class in not held and the total fee paid will be returned.
  • After registration changing the class level is not possible.
  • The institute has the right to change the time and location of a class if necessary and inform the students of the changes applied.




Deferral Terms & Conditions

  • After registration, deferral requests can be accepted within 72 hours (not including public holidays) regarding the terms and conditions released by the institute.

Notice: The applicants for referral should complete the registration online or in person first and then refer to the institute to fill out the final referral form to officially go on leave in the designated period.

  • If requests are received after 72 hours of registration the applicants cannot get their money back or go on leave and they should attend classes.
  • If after the classes have started language learners decide to go on leave for some reason they cannot get their tuition fee back.
  • Getting the tuition fee back after the deferral period isn’t accepted.
  • Going on leave for two consecutive terms is not acceptable.
  • Requesting to go on leave before and after a term leading to failure results in a new placement test.
  • Specifying the class hours after a deferral is only possible during the designated period announced by the institute.
  • Students of TOEFL, IELTS, Pre-IELTS and super-Intensive classes cannot ask for a leave after registration.
  • Registration Cancellation Rules.


If after registration, up to 72 hours prior to the first day of the term (without considering public holidays) you intend to cancel your registration, you must declare and submit your cancelation and refund request in writing along with your tuition fee receipt and get your refund receipt.

- If you had a late registration (72 hours prior to the beginning of the term ) you may

  not ask for cancellation and refund.


- Registration fee will be returned to those eligible for cancellation after 7 working

   days and deduction of 20% of original fee paid.


- After the commencement of the term for no reason (i.e, operation, military service,

   change of plan, etc) you can ask for refund and cancellation.


- Refund after a term being on leave is not possible .

For some special classes (IELTS, Pre-IELTS, TOEFL and Super –intensive) there is no refund policy after registration.