Exam Rules

- Mid-term and final exams will be held according to the term schedules and oral

   exams will be held one session before the final exam.


- The final term result for students unable to attend the mid-term and/or final-exams is

   Absent Fail.


- Holding exams exclusively for an individual is not possible.


- Term results will be announced online.


- After releasing the final term results requests for changing the results are not    



- In each class only one student obtaining the highest score (above ) can be

  considered as Top-Student in case only one absence is reported.


- Those students who have failed a term twice should take part in the placement test.


- The minimum passing score is 70/100 .


- Details for term results are as follows:


All kids and young adults:


                                                    Class activity  500


                                                    Mid-term Exam  200


                                                    Final Exam  300  (100 for speaking test/100 for writing & 100 for the written test)

                                                    Overall Average  =100

All typical levels (Top Notch, Summit):

                                                    Class activity  500


                                                    Mid-term Exam  200 (100 for writing)


                                                    Final Exam  300 (speaking 100, writing 100, test 100)

                                                    Overall Average  =100